10 women in the Moldovan publishing field, who is useful to know.

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23rd of April is the International Day of Books & Copyright and we decided it would be a wonderful chance to mention some important women from our publishing industry.

We have selected a few names of eminent women, from the publishing field, namely from literature, book design, illustration, journalism and interdisciplinary mediums, who have contributed significantly to the industry or continuously move things for the better.

Graphic artist specialized in book design and a graduate of the Moscow Printing Institute. After graduation, she worked as the Main artist in the “Cartea Moldovenească” publishing house (1968–1991) and at Universitas publishing house (1991–1995). Was an excellent Art Director and a talented artist. Illustrated fiction book series by authors like: Aleksandr Kuprin, Konstantin Paustovsky, Alexandre Dumas, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Jean Amadou, François Mauriac, André Maurois and others.
She was one of the first soviet women to be working among local book (male) designers.

The writer who appears in every textbook of Romanian language and literature. Leonida Lari was a fighter for Romanian language, a poetess, prose writer, essayist, translator, politician, and during her career she also manifested herself as a gifted writer for children’s books. Through her work, which is translated into French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Serbian, Latvian, Estonian, Georgian, etc, she still bears the name of the country in the wide world.

Prominent bibliographer, who contributed to the organisation of several library competitions at the republican level, as well as scientific symposiums. In 1997, she launched the International Book Fair for Children and Youth, involving 27 publishers, and over time reached over 150. She has published multiple articles in the field, holds numerous awards, is the president of the Association of Librarians in Moldova since 1991, and since 96 – president of the national section in the International Council of the Book for Children and Youth (IBBY).

The founder of “Pontos” Publishing House, a female editor is something you don’t usually find in the local industry, and besides all that, she is a remarkable prose writer and poet. Member of the Writers’ Union of Moldova, promoter of literature for children and adults.

Poetess, essayist, prose writer, playwright and journalist. She is best known for her children’s textbooks, however, for many years, her plays managed to get her awards and mentions in the Republican Dramaturgy Contest, and the novel “One Night Life or Tötentanz” was awarded with the “Vasile Vasilache” Prize for prose at the International Book Fair in Chișinău and with the Writers’ Union Prize for prose in 2010.

Children’s book publisher (self-publisher), poetess, prose writer and translator.
The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1992 led her to give up science and, together with her husband, they commuted to Moscow and Bucharest, bringing large bags of didactic, scientific and spiritual literature from there. Banned during the Soviet Union, spiritual literature was in high demand immediately after its disintegration. The purchased books were sold in Chișinău in order to stay afloat.

An artist that practices book and easel graphics, oil painting and mixed media, including textiles, preparing future graphic artists at the Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts in Chișinău. Violeta is also known for being highlighted as one of the best book illustrators in Moldova, for such books as “Winnie the Pooh” by Alan A. Milne (2006) and “The Beautiful Lola” by Claudia Partole („Lola cea frumoasă”) (2017) awarded twice with the Andersen Honorary Diploma, the most important international distinction for children’s literature.

The writer who made her debut in the literary world with an amazing force. Her short stories impressed both the Writers’ Union and all Moldovan, Romanian and French readers. She managed to hijack any stereotype regarding the fact that books written by women are gentle/suave and only suitable to be read by women. We recommend reading: “Summer when my mother had green eyes” (“Vara în care mama a avut ochii verzi”) and “Glass Garden” (“Grădina de sticlă”).

Natalia Osoianu is a contemporary writer, a translator and a special name in the publishing field in Moldova. She is a writer of fantasy books that are published in Russia and are appreciated not only by readers but also by literary critics. She is also an associate professor at ULIM specializing in jurisprudence.

Maria Pilchin is a name already known in the publishing and literary world of Moldova, but we are here to remind you that she contributes to the development of these branches through her poetic creations, scientific research, educational-cultural shows and so much more. Recently, Maria Pilchin became the leader of the B.P. Hasdeu Library network.

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